How do I make myself unavailable on the site?

Last updated about 2 months ago

If you know you will be unable to accept orders for a period of time, please make sure that you set yourself as 'on holiday' so that you do not receive orders you are unable to accept. 

You can do this by accessing the holidays section in the vendor portal. 

(Account > Holidays > Input the date range you are unavailable for > Add Holiday)

Unfortunately, putting yourself on holiday will make every single location on the account unavailable for orders, and there is no way at this time to make only one or a specific location unavailable.

If an existing order that has already been confirmed needs to be changed to a different location, you will need to get in touch with our Customer Care team HERE  to request the order be moved to another site, however if it’s a new order you can review the order before accepting and can change the pick up address for that order before confirming it.