How do I print PDF labels with Firefox web browser?

Last updated 8 months ago

We recommend using Google Chrome to print labels whenever possible. If you'd like to use Firefox web browser instead, then there's a small change to the printing process for printing PDF labels (outlined here).

For Firefox only:

  1. Open the downloaded PDF.
    Screenshot_2021-04-08_at_11.56.42.png 32.67 KB
  2. Click 'Print using the system dialog' (this is directly under the 'Pages per sheet' field. Please do not click the blue Print button.)

  3. In the dialog that opens, ensure the settings match the relevant screenshot below then click print. Pop-up dialogues for both Windows and MacOS are shown below. 
    Screenshot_2021-04-08_at_11.59.02.png 34.85 KB
    Screenshot_2021-04-08_at_11.58.43.png 367.29 KB
  4. If you continue to experience issues with troubleshooting please contact your account manager on If your difficulty to print item labels could have any knock on effect on your ability to fulfil your order on time or in full please contact our Customer Care Team here